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Behind The Scenes: The Making Of An LEC Esports Event


There is always a great excitement when fans tune into the latest LEC tournament. Their favorite League of Legends teams and players are usually presented in a hi-tech arena. What many followers of esports overlook is all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make an event a success.

Role of Producer

A producer's role is similar to a project manager. When taking charge of an esports event, he has the vision to see the tournament as a whole. He has the responsibility of coordinating everyone else into a cohesive team. It's a highly demanding role that requires excellent communication skills. It's through a producer's imagination and determination to translate ideas into reality that every LEC tournament can deliver the best experience for fans and players.

What does an Esports Camera Director Do?

Live espsorts streaming is virtually the same as making television or movies. Many camera directors have experience in a wide range of mediums. They use their imaginations and practical skills to create an attractive presentation for viewers. From close-up shotsto wide angle transmission, camera directors ensure they have positioned equipment in the best locations.

Esports Technician

To be successful, an esports tournament relies on perfect, behind the scenes technical coordination. The event involves the installation of a massive range of equipment. Technicians have to provide an efficient performance during the event to ensure everything goes to plan. Suffering a major electrical fault or equipment failure could ruin the transmission, the progress of a match, and the viewing experience. Back up systems usually guarantee a flawless performance throughout the tournament.

The Value of Audio Technicians

The sound effects of a live streamed esports tournament is enhanced by a superior audio performance. The technicians increase the atmosphere of a tournament, helping to make it an immersive experience for millions of viewers. The games require highly coordinated systems that avoid any lag between screen visuals and sound effects. During matches, the technicians have to monitor sound levels, and eliminate electrical interference in equipmentsuch as headsets and speakers.

Event Floor Manager

Every esports tournament is similar to a live theater performance. An experienced floor manager is responsible for coordinating all the elements that make a live streamed tournament a resounding success. Directing teams, audiences, and technicians to appropriate places is a complex task. The most proficient managers have the temperament to stay calm at all times. They usually have a logical attitude that enables them to keep track of everyone.

Presenting a Successful LEC Event

An esports tournament can be a great success when every participant plays their role to perfection. The technicians and directors behind the scenes have to perform like the players themselves using skills they have acquired over the years. Check out the LEC schedule at 1337PRO.comto see amazing tournament presentation.

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