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Best Portable Monitor in 2017

Being a frequent traveller myself I understand the frustrations of being tied to only one gaming laptop screen while trying to work. It can be a real problem when you’re used to working with two screens at home or in the office. Then all of a sudden you have just one screen to use. This is why many gamers, office workers, coders and travellers are looking for the best portable monitor. The small portable monitors are otherwise known as USB powered monitor and are the smallest screen you can get.

In most instances, you will be able to get the best portable monitor with a 1080p resolution, low response time and one that importantly is light enough to carry in your backpack. These small screens are very easy to setup and generally only need some USB power and/or an HDMI connection to get setup and running.

If you are used to working with two screens then these USB powered monitors are something you should be looking to invest in. That being said, the cost of a USB powered monitor isn’t expensive at all.

The products we have named in the buying guide above will allow you to use a second monitor without the need for a power socket or long cables. These monitors help with the hassle of taking a second conventional display when travelling.

Owning a Portable Monitor

Owning a portable USB powered monitor brings many benefits dependant on the user. For example coders, office workers and gamers can all benefit for different reasons. The gamer might want to use a second USB powered monitor while waiting in the airport or a coder might want to get ahead on some work and decide to hook up a second small screen to speed his process up. Regardless of the application, the best USB powered monitor can be a great asset.

Bringing a unique combination or productivity, affordability and portability mean the best portable monitors are just a few clicks away. In many cases I have found some office works using portable monitors are second screens just to keep track of sports results, the news and even one guy liked to have a photo gallery of his family to keep his spirits high on stressful work days.

Popular Features of the best Portable Monitors

As you can expect a monitor so small it’s considered portable and can be powered by a USB connection will simply not have the same technical features as a top class best gaming monitor, but in most aspects, they do match up fairly well for what they are and how much they cost.

An obvious statement is to make sure you check all the connectivity options your computer or laptop has, this way you can easily match the screens to your computer. A portable monitor will offer on or more of the following: VGA, HDMI, mHDMI and USB.

Other options to look at are screen resolution, this is simply a preference on the user’s part. Although I would always opt for a 1080p resolution if possible.

Portable Monitor Screen Sizes

13.3 inch, 15.6 inch and 17.3 inch and the sizes most portable monitors come in. In other words, they are the same sizes as the most common gaming laptop screens. As of right now, there is nothing larger or smaller than these sizes. There are two reasons for this, a screen larger than 17.3 inch is simply not light and portable enough to be considered a portable monitor. As for smaller screens, in our opinion are not worth the hassle. One of the added pros of one of these screens is that the majority are naturally classed as a thin bezel monitor purely based on the size of the screen.

What exactly is a USB Powered Monitor?

A USB-powered monitor is basically a different name for a portable monitor. USB powered monitors are exactly as described, they use USB to work. This basically means you connect a USB and are ready to go. The USB cable acts as both a power supply and interface cable, this way you don’t have to deal with cable management.