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Best Ultrawide Monitor

As well as having 1080p and 4K monitors we now have a what is called the Ultrawide monitor which has a 21:9 aspect ratio instead of the now standard 16:9. Something to keep in mind is that widescreen monitors are simply “normal” 16:9 whereas the Ultrawide is the larger 21:9 – so be aware that if you’re buying a wide screen your not getting a wider than a normal screen.

Once you have seen an Ultrawide monitor in person you will instantly understand the benefits of owning one. The screen will allow you to have more on-screen space for multi-tasking, games or even just have a larger workspace in general. For the most part, it will be gamers that are looking for the best gaming monitor they can afford that will want an ultrawide monitor. The ultra wide screens provide almost a fully immersive gaming experience.

Below we will list the best ultrawide monitors available for gaming, working and general computing.

Ultrawide Monitor for Gaming


So you have decided that you want to buy an ultrawide monitor for your gaming, are you sure you know what other features you need to look for? Luckily we do and are happy to help!

Ultrawide gaming monitors come with a whole host of features and specifications that make gaming an absolute dream. In an ideal world you would be looking to get a screen with a low response time (less than 6ms is ideal), high refresh rate (120Hz or 144Hz or at the very least 60Hz+). Depending on your choice of graphics card you can also look at G-Sync and Free-Sync gaming modes.

Ultrawide Monitor Screen Resolution

When talking about screen resolution you generally have two options. 2560 x 1080 or 3440 x 1440 are the resolutions you will see deployed in most cases. These sizes provide you with a lot more width to allow for multi-tasking, or whatever you need. Most will use the extra screen size to allow for side-by-side programs, videos and even games to run at high resolutions.

The Two Port Misconception

There seems to be some sort of misconception that an ultrawide monitor will use more than one HDMI or DisplayPort but that is completely false. Unlike dual screens, you only need one cable meaning cable management is easy.