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Best Z370 Motherboards For I7 8700K & I5 8600K

Best z370 Motherboard for 8700K and 8600K

The latest generation of Intel CPUs, Coffee Lake, is now upon us and unfortunately we need to look at upgrading from our previous Z270 Motherboards to the new chipset, Z370. Understandably if your currently on a Kaby Lake processor then the forced upgrade to Z370 for Coffee Lake is going to be a hard pill to swallow. That being said the new flagship I7 8700K is the best processor for gaming. Simply put if you want to get the best from your PC gaming experience then a i7 8700K is a must.

I recently upgraded our office gaming rigs to 7700K (We were using the 2500K so an update was needed) to get the best performance and are now looking at another upgrade as soon as the 8700K is on the market. Not ideal but when you consider the extra cores, threads and the apparent easy 5Ghz overclock the upgrade is well worth the money! There is of course an interesting debate of Ryzen or Coffee Lake now that both have similar core and thread counts. In short if your on a budget and want to get value for Money then a Ryzen 1600 or i5 8600K is your best bet for gaming. Whereas if your looking to have longevity and high performance right now the i7 8700K is the best option as of right now.

I have listed the best Z370 motherboards for i7 8700K, i5 8600K and 8400 processors below. The list is in order of best to “least” best taking into consideration performance, price, user reviews and connectivity options. It would be wise to consider all motherboard options even if its at the bottom of the list as it may fit your requirements perfectly. If you are still deciding between Intel and Ryzen then do have a look at our list of Best AM4 Ryzen Motherboards.

Best Z370 Gaming Motherboard For I7 8700K