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Best Portable PS4 & XBOX One Screens

Portable screens for both Ps4 and XBOX One are available for those that travel a lot. Some of these screens come in the form of a thin screen the size of a tablet whereas some others integrate into the consoles themselves without hassle-free portability and cable management.

Portable PS4 Screen

If you’re like me and like to game on the road or even take your PS4 to a friend’s house then making your PS4 portable might be the best thing you can do. It is a real pain carrying a Portable PS4 and a dedicated monitor for it which is why there is such a thing as a portable PS4 screen.

These screens come with various specs but there all full HD screens and are considered very portable, especially when you compare them to a 50 inch TV screen. The screens generally have built in speakers but in most cases there, at best, OK quality – I would recommend a good gaming headset.

The only real issue with these screens is power. Some of them are USB powered but with that in mind the PS4 needs to be powered also which means playing in the car or on a bus likely won’t work but while in a hotel or at a coffee shop you should be able to get up and running.

Portable Xbox One Screen