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The Rise Of Esports From Classic To Strange Esports


Esports, or electronic sports, are a form of competitive video gamingwhere professional players compete against each other in tournaments or leagues. The popularity of esports has grown significantly in recent years, with millions of people tuning in to watch live events or online streams.

The most popular esports gamesinclude classics such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These games are played by millions of people around the world and have established professional leagues with multi-million dollar prize pools. But now some strange Esportsare rising.

The World Of Strange Esports

While traditional esports have become mainstream, there are also some strange and unusual esports that have emerged in recent years. These games are often quirky, niche, or just downright bizarre, but they have found a passionate following among gamers and spectators alike.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Yes, you read that right. Rock, Paper, Scissorsis now an esports game. The World Rock Paper Scissors Association hosts international tournaments with thousands of participants, and even offers cash prizes for the winners.

While it may seem like a silly concept, the game requires a surprising amount of strategy and skill. Players need to read their opponents and anticipate their moves, making it a fast-paced and exciting game to watch.

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Robot Fighting

Robot Fighting has been around for decades, but it has recently found a new audience in the world of esports. Games such as BattleBots and Robot Wars feature teams of engineers and builders who design and build robots to fight against each other in a ring.

The matches are intense and exciting, with robots smashing and bashing each other until one is left standing. The teams behind the robots have become celebrities in their own right, with fans eagerly following their progress through the tournament.


Yes, you read that right too. Chessboxing is a hybrid sport that combines the mental game of chess with the physicality of boxing. Players alternate between rounds of chess and rounds of boxing, with the winner determined by either checkmate or knockout.

Chessboxing has gained a cult following, with tournaments held around the world and even a world championship event. It requires a unique combination of mental and physical skill, making it a fascinating and challenging sport to watch.

Virtual Reality Esports

Virtual Reality(VR) has opened up a whole new world of esports possibilities. Games such as Beat Saber, where players use lightsabers to slice through blocks, and Echo Arena, where players compete in zero-gravity sports, have become popular VR esports.

These games require a high level of physical skill and coordination, as players need to move their bodies in time with the game. The immersive nature of VR also adds an extra layer of excitement, making it a thrilling experience for both players and spectators.

EVA eSports Virtual Arenas - Maurepas

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The game has been highly anticipated since its announcement in 2019, and it is expected to be one of the biggest esports games of the year.

Elden Ring features an open world environment, with players taking on the role of a customizable character exploring a vast and dangerous landscape. The game promises to combine the challenging combat mechanics of FromSoftware's previous games with a new focus on exploration and storytelling.

The game's development has been shrouded in secrecy, with only a few glimpses of gameplay footage and concept art released to the public. This has only increased the hype and anticipation surrounding the game, with fans eagerly waiting for any new information or updates.

As an esports game, Elden Ring is expected to have a strong competitive scene, with players competing in tournaments and leagues to prove their skills. The game's challenging combat mechanics and open world environment offer a unique and exciting experience for players and spectators alike.

The release date for Elden Ring has been postponed multiple times, but it is currently set for January 2022. With its highly anticipated release and promising gameplay, Elden Ring is sure to be a major player in the world of esports. You can learn more about elden ring and how to expres after pvp battles in this article of gesturesfrom BingePost.

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The Appeal Of Strange Esports

While classic esports games like Dota 2 and League of Legends are incredibly popular and have established professional leagues, there is something about strange esports that draws in a passionate following. But what is it about these niche games that captures the imagination of gamers and spectators alike?

One reason is the novelty factor. Games like Rock, Paper, Scissors and Chessboxing are so unique that they offer a refreshing change of pace from the more traditional esports games. They provide a break from the norm and offer something different and exciting for viewers.

Another reason is the sheer creativity and ingenuity of the games. The fact that people have been able to turn seemingly mundane activities like rock-paper-scissors into a competitive sport shows the boundless creativity of the gaming community.

Strange esports also offer a sense of inclusivity. While some traditional esports games can be daunting for newcomers to the scene, strange esports like robot fighting and VR esports are more accessible to players who may not have the same level of experience or skill.

Finally, strange esports can be incredibly entertaining to watch. The novelty, creativity, and accessibility of these games often leads to a more relaxed and fun atmosphere, making them perfect for casual viewing.

The Future Of Strange Esports

As esports continue to grow in popularity, we can expect to see more strange and unusual games emerge in the scene. With the advent of new technologies like VR and AR, we may even see completely new types of esports that we can't even imagine yet.

Regardless of what the future holds, one thing is clear: esports are here to stay. They offer a unique and exciting form of entertainment that appeals to a wide range of people, from hardcore gamers to casual viewers. Whether it's classic esports games or strange and niche games, there's no denying the excitement and energy of the esports world.

People Also Ask

Is MultiVersus An Esport?

MultiVersus is a recently announced video game developed by WB Games, which features characters from popular franchises such as DC Comics, Game of Thrones, and The Matrix. While it is still early to say if MultiVersus will become a popular esport, the game has been designed with competitive play in mind, with the developers stating that they are aiming to create a game that is both accessible to casual players and deep enough to be played competitively. So, while it is not yet established as an esport, it is certainly a game that has the potential to become one in the future.

Is Esports Mixed Gender?

Esports, like traditional sports, are not inherently gendered. Both men and women can participate in esports, and there are professional female gamers who compete at the highest levels of play. However, there is a gender gap in esports, with men being more represented in the industry overall. Efforts are being made to address this imbalance and create more opportunities for women in esports, such as the Women in Gaming initiative and female-only esports tournaments.

What Is The Oldest Esports Event?

The oldest esports event is widely considered to be the Space Invaders Championship, which was held in 1980 and attracted over 10,000 participants from across the United States. The tournament was organized by Atari and was the first major video game competition, paving the way for the esports industryas we know it today. Since then, the esports industry has grown exponentially, with major events and tournaments being held around the world and attracting millions of viewers.


Esports have come a long way since the early days of competitive gaming. While classic games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends remain popular, there are also a whole host of strange and unusual esports that have emerged in recent years.

From Rock, Paper, Scissors to Chessboxing to Virtual Reality esports, these games may seem strange at first glance, but they have captured the imagination of gamers and spectators around the world. Whether you're a fan of classic esports or prefer something a little more offbeat, there's no denying the excitement and energy of the esports world.

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