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Best Gaming Mouse For 2017

Best Gaming Mouse in 2016

A gaming mouse is one of the few accessories that can be so different from one person to the next. What suits you may not suit someone else. There are some key features of gaming mice that need to be taken into mind when looking for your next mouse.  Amongst most gamers mouse acceleration and prediction are two features that are avoided while a mouse with a good DPI and multiple settings are generally well received.

Our list below list what in our opinion can be considered the top gaming mice on the market for 2017. In this list, we focus on mice that don’t have acceleration or prediction. All gaming mice come with various button formats, features and weight so bare these specs in mind when deciding on a new mouse. That being said we will be recommending the best gaming mouse with the most recognised and popular specs.

Buy The Best Gaming Mouse

ModelPriceButtonsWeightSensorLift-off Height
Corsair Raptor M45Check Price790gPixart PMW3310Adjustable (1 to 2.5mm)
Razer DeathAdder ChromaCheck Price5105 gAvago ADNS-S3989~1 mm, adjustable (low-mid)
Logitech G502Check Price11121 gPixart PMW3366~1.2 mm (low)
Logitech G900 Chaos SpectrumCheck Price11107 gPixart PMW3366<1.2 mm

Picture the moment, your seconds away from conquering a mission or a split second away from shooting that last enemy and then all of a sudden your mouse button sticks or your cursor stutters across your gaming monitor for just enough time to loose the mission. As gamers we have all been in that anger-inducing situation, you want to tear the mouse from the computer and throw it out of the window. Well, there is a very easy answer to this problem – buy the best gaming mouse.

So how do you choose a mouse and which ones are the considered the best? We have put together a small table below that lists the top rated and best-reviewed gaming mice for sale. Hopefully, this will help you beat that last mission.

We will keep updating the comparison guide as new mice are released.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Mouse

You have decided to buy a new gaming mouse but what now? Which one actually is the best gaming mouse? Like everything in gaming, it’s down to the specific preferences of the gamer in question. The games you play, how you play and what you expect the mouse to have all cater into the decision making process.

If you’re into FPS games then your biggest concern should be picking a mouse that covers the largest DPI possible to ensure you have enough “space” to manoeuvre your character.

On the other hand if you’re into MMOs, RTS or MOBAs then you can get away with a mouse that is a little cheaper. Although you should be looking at getting a mouse with lots of extra buttons so you can programme them to in-game functions.

Features You Need For A Gaming Mouse

Online gaming is very competitive these days, so much so that some are lucky enough to make a living touring the world playing video game tournaments. With this increase in competitiveness comes an increase in high-quality gaming accessories, for example, the gaming mice. There is a general thought that if you can not change the DPI (Dots per inch) of a mouse on the fly then it can not be called a gaming mouse. All the mice in our list have changeable DPI of some sort, so you have nothing to worry about. Something that goes hand in hand with changeable DPI is the polling rate of your new best gaming mouse.

What does DPI mean for a gaming mouse?

DPI is most known for its use by designers when they are stating how many dots (or pixels) are in a specific inch. DPI for gaming means exactly the same, how many different points in an inch that your cursor can be. The higher the DPI then the more responsive your mouse is, essentially how “fast” your cursor can move is the usual explanation to non-gamers.

What polling rate?

Polling rate is the number measured in Hz. This number means how many times the mouse will report back to the computer, for example, if your mouse was 1000Hz it will report back 1000 times every second. Lots of gaming mice have a changeable polling rate for gamers looking to get the very best performance. From research, we have done the general consensus is around 500Hz to 1000Hz. With the computer receiving data up to 1000 times every second it can put your CPU under additional strain which you need to consider as it can have an effect on the system.