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Na Fantasy LCS- Complete Guide In 2023


For fans of fantasy esports, League of Legends is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena game. In addition to Europe, China, and South Korea, the LCS is the strongest championship in North America.

With NA Fantasy LCS, US gamers may enjoy a legal form of gamingwhile still making use of the game's huge potential. Instead of betting, participants in fantasy sports draft a team and receive points based on the performance of the players.

Fantasy LCS- How Does It Work?

The NA LCS fantasy leagues can be played over at Draftkings, which is the main platform for players to participate. Their free games allow participants to get a feel for the games before making a deposit and entering a real-money tournament. You might fail at the fantasy LCS league if you don't do your research and learn the game thoroughly.

During the North American tournament, 10 teams are contested with five players each, plus substitutes, captains, and coaches.

To earn points in LoL Fantasy, players must accurately predict the performances of these teams and their members. In addition to the number of kills, deaths, assists, and creep kills claimed by players, these are also secured by other in-game objectives.

In League of Legends Fantasy, the ability to accurately predict the winners is also rewarded, but it is different from traditional esports betting. The league's most successful players have been named fantasy LCS League champions and taken home some of the prize money.

Explanation Of Fantasy LCS

If you’ve played different myth sports, LoL Fantasy follows a comparable concept in that:

  • Choose LCS gamers to fill your roster for that week.
  • Watch the LCS video games and stay to see your gamers play.
  • They will rate factors based totally on how well they do in their matches.
  • The intention is to rate the best possible. This ensures you’ll beat different Fantasy LCS gamers.

Describe Fantasy LCS In Simple Terms

Picking a Lineup

Every week, you select five players (such as bot laners, top laners, and so on) and one team. Before you ask, no you can’t choose the complete Fnatic or Cloud9. This is due to the fact that you have a profit cap of $1.5M. Each participant has an exact profit for the week. Pinnacle tier groups will have more expensive gamers—this is why you can’t stack your crew with Fnatic or Cloud9 players.

Scoring Points

What the E1 Fantasy platform accomplishes, greater than anything else is bringing LoL esports followers nearer to the game. The graph of the scoring device has a large effect on this ability, so they make it extraordinarily clear and trackable from a viewership perspective. The platform allows you to watch and listen to each factor in your lineup rankings in complete clarity.

Scoring System Breakdown


  • Kills = three points
  • Deaths = (-1) point
  • Assist = 1.5 Points
  • Creep Score = 0.02 points

Captain bonus:If you successfully pick the Champion that your Captain performs for a game, you get 50% bonus factors to the Fantasy Points he ratings in that recreation (actual rating x 1.5)


  • Win = two points
  • Win <20min = 5 factors (in addition to two Win points)
  • Win 20min – 30min = two factors (in addition to two Win points)
  • Turret Destroyed = 1 point
  • First Turret Bonus = 1 factor (in addition to Turret Destroyed point)
  • First Blood = two points
  • Dragon killed = two points
  • Baron killed = three points
  • Rift Herald killed = two factors

Choosing The Fantasy Scoring Stats

When compared to fantasy football, fairytale LoL provides us with the unique option to sing EVERY possible stat. We had to make a lot of decisions about how we wanted the recreation to feel because there were hundreds of little statistically-based aspects in the recreation and all figures were collected electronically. We could wish to assign elements solely based on a player's vision score, taking into consideration the DPM and the number of wards they set. This, however, complicates the viewership trip because they are no longer able to be followed on stream. What makes following your team so enjoyable is knowing that every time your mid laner gets a kill, you gain three points. You don't want to be thinking, "I can't see Bjergsen right now, but I hope he's establishing wards and poking the enemy Champ to keep his DPM up."

Additional Fantasy Scoring Considerations

  • Kills are well worth so lots greater than any different participant stat due to the fact they are the most scarce stat possible. Assists are common, with up to four reachable for every kill, however, solely one participant can be credited with a Kill at a time, aiding why it is really worth twice as a great deal as an Assist.
  • Inhibitors have been now not blanketed for Teams due to the fact the real price from killing Inhibitors comes from the capability to spoil more Towers and the potential to win the game, each of which is already rewarded. Adding greater factors for Inhibitors, which respawn as well, overly exaggerated the variations between triumphing and dropping groups to an unhealthy level. We ought to have rewarded them to a smaller extent, but that would do greater damage than correct in how it would crowd and dilute the complete classes scored.
  • First Blood and First Tower are rewarded to mimic the in-game bonuses that Teams obtain when shooting these objectives. We desire our myth competitions to sense like as a good deal of a sport for viewers as spectators.
  • Bonus factors for Wins in a shorter quantity of time are designed to reward Teams that had been so dominant, that they price themselves future scoring possibilities via triumphing in the past in the game.
  • Captain Bonus provides a more layer of lookup and variability to the lineup advent process. It does a first-rate job of giving the lineup introduction method a more video game-esque feeling whilst permitting those who apprehend the meta the excellent to benefit.

The 2022 Dot Esports LCS Fantasy Draft


You may participate and win your fantasy league whether you know all there is to know about LCS and fantasy LCS information, or you know next to nothing about the game.

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